The Education Park


Located in the lush rainforest on laid back Koh Lanta, the ASALANTA Education Park is nestled in the very heart of nature. Join us amongst the towering bamboo, serene streams and chirping cicadas to replenish your soul and revitalise your mind.

This is a place where Thai locals and international visitors, people of all ages, cultures and nationalities come together, offering a great opportunity to exchange and learn from each other.

At ASALANTA we practice, promote and teach about natural building, sustainable bamboo, and creative recycling. The environment and pristine nature of the Education Park is perfect to inspire you and help you develop spiritually, mentally and physically.

Participate in one of the 3 workshops we offer, natural building, sustainable bamboo or creative recycling.

Host and organise your own family outing, school excursion or team building activity. It's super easy with the facilities at ASALANTA’s Education Park.

Stay at our lodge and have the opportunity to join our Eco Life Adventure for a back to basics, self sufficient lifestyle experience.

We organise occasional activities for the local Thai children at our Education Park. The children can get involved with the fun and games, whilst learning about sustainability and their natural environment. We love international visitors joining the sessions, helping the children to improve their English language skills, but most importantly, having lots of fun!