Welcome to the Asian Sustainability Academy on Koh Lanta, or ASALANTA as we’re better known.
We have set up this project to inspire people towards sustainable solutions. Our vision is to create a sanctuary in the heart of nature where knowledge can be shared and dreams can be followed. 

We believe that education is the key in setting forth the positive changes that the world and humanity desperately need. We all know that nature is not able to support our ever increasing demands and the way of life as we know it today. Global warming is forcing us to shift to renewable energy and make drastic changes in the way we run our economies.

The future aim of our academy is to cover a topic from beginning to end. For example, "building" starts with planting our resources, harvesting, collecting, treating and creating the structures. Which are then offered as educational facilities. Constructing a bio gas station starts by gathering all information about the different techniques of building, choosing the appropriate materials, assembling the different parts and testing. The end product or achievement leads to the creation of a small social enterprise which guarantees a living for its entrepreneur.

It is our mission to make people aware of new solutions that will work for the benefit of all people and the planet. We will show how local actions have global impacts, empowering people to make changes to their lifestyle that will create a positive future for everyone. 

On a global level, corporations and governments have the biggest responsibility in this matter, and they are made up of people too. By inspiring individuals, we can help shift ideas from within these organisations.

Here we have the time and the space to explore the world immediately around us. By being in nature, we learn what changes we can make. By noticing the fresh air, the sound of the birdsong and the dawn of each new day, we are able to make the best of every day. 

By ourselves, we may feel daunted and overwhelmed by the challenges we face. Yet at ASALANTA, we will work together to solve these problems by sharing our skills, connecting with nature and being present in every moment.