Anke and Aoi met in 2006 on the beautiful island of Koh Lanta, where ASALANTA now exists. She is Dutch, he is Thai. From their earliest days together they had a dream- of living on the land, in simple earthen structures, and sharing with others a lifestyle based in freedom and respect for the earth.

They bought their land in late 2009 and camped out there while they were establishing electrics and running water, until they finished building the first adobe house.

Most of the knowledge they have, came trough experience, working with the local people and materials.

Now ASALANTA has 3 small earthen houses each with an outdoor compost toilet, an adobe community home with a little dorm, Thai-style kitchen and living room. Right next to it the bamboo Organic Teahouse, a little shop and an activity area. There is a basic natural spa with a sauna/steam room and open air shower. Not to forget the tree-hut build with wood, bamboo and mud that has an amazing view over the valley and surrounding mountains. And the latest addition, a small eco lodge for The Eco Life Adventure. Consisting of three traditional bamboo and clay huts with an open air shared sanitary facility.

Part of the land used to be rice field and has a mountain stream flowing around it. By creating a fish pond that land became more usable. Now it houses all the structures and is surrounded by bamboo, fruit, vegetable and herb forest. An other part of the land is a recovering jungle with handmade trails, a good resource of wild herbs and vegetables.