Please read through this page of frequently asked questions, you might find your answer right here. Thank you.
*How do I get to ASALANTA?
We are located in the local village of Klong Nin, the middle of the island. Crossing the island from West to East there's a little road leading to the Mai Keaw Cave, you can follow our red and white signs leading you through pretty palm and rubber plantations offering a nice view. Dont be surprised running into some goats, chickens or even goose. Thai people know us as "Baan Din" which means earthen house. You can see the map on our contact page. The best way to reach ASALANTA is by renting a motorbike. If you require a taxi, we can help you arrange one at an extra cost.
 *What should I bring when I come stay with you?
  • A flashlight is a must.
  • Mosquito spray. 
  • Bandage or plasters.
  • long sleeve shirt and long trousers are useful to protect against mosquito's, especially during sun rise and sun set. 
  • A Thai sim card of the Dtac provider will be useful for you to stay connected as we do not have WiFi.


*Is there a minimum stay?

Yes, we handle a minimum stay of 2 nights. It makes things easier to manage since we are a little family business. We kindly ask for your understanding.


*How can I book?

On the Contact page you can see different ways to contact us. Feel free to get in touch if you are interested in booking a stay, a workshop, the Education Park facilities or a combination. We can discuss the details, like the date, your transfer here, the payment. We are happy to answer any question you may have.


*What's it like there?

The accommodation is designed to give relief from heat and humidity, giving it an open air feeling, similar to camping. We have a tropical climate, it is mostly hot and humid.

ASALANTA is surrounded by local agriculture, dominantly rubber and palm plantations. We are situated on the border of unspoiled jungle. Small wildlife including a wide variety of insects, turtles, monitor lizards, squirrels and monkeys can be seen here.

The nearest beach is a short 30 minutes walk away and is called Klong Nin beach. Its a beautiful long stretched beach, ideal for swimming, lots of bars and restaurants to enjoy. In the closest village (20 minutes walk) you are likely to find anything you need, think of Thai markets with fresh foods, 7-eleven, ATM, laundry service, WiFi and souvenir shops.


*Do you have an internet connection?

There is no WiFi at ASALANTA. This offers a good opportunity to spend some time disconnected and enjoy quality time, interacting with the people around you. Of course there is WiFi at nearly every restaurant and bar in the neighborhood for you to use. The nearest place just a 5 minute walk around the corner. Also Thai phone providers offer inexpensive internet packages for mobile data with good service.


*How can I get local cellphone service?

You can buy a Thai sim card at a mobile phone shop, you will need your passport to register. We recommend the "D-tac" or "one 2 call" provider since these are the ones with the best reception at ASALANTA and give good service. Top up is available at 7- eleven stores.



*Can I cook my own food at ASALANTA?

Yes, every lodging has an open air picnic area that is equipped with a traditional Thai stove/bbq and the basic kitchen utensils. Getting your own fire started and cooking up a fresh meal amidst the towering bamboo trees is definitely an adventure you'll enjoy!


*How do I get around once I am staying with you?

Walking is a nice way to get around if you want to get to the nearest village and beach. For anyone who wants to explore more of the island, renting a motorbike is the way to go. Ask us, we know reliable rentals that will deliver your vehicle to ASALANTA on request.

For people that are intimidated by the dangers of the Thai roads, there are numbers for taxi and tuk tuk in your adventure guide, or tell us, we call you a taxi when you need one!.


*What else is there to do on the island?

Chill out on the beach or get a motorbike/taxi to explore the island, there is lots to do and see. The national park and the Old town are definitely worth to visit. Go on a trip with a traditional long-tail boat, explore the cave, go kayaking or visit the Lanta animal welfare center to see what an amazing job they do taking care of all the sick and stray animals on the island. You can help by walking a dog or cuddle with the cats.

One of the most favorite things to do is going on one of the many snorkeling day trips to the deserted islands surrounding Koh Lanta. True paradise with turquoise water and powder white beaches.

Koh Lanta is rated as top 10 best diving sites in the world!

Tell us about your trips or travel plans and the prices you found, we are happy to check for you and search for cheaper or more suitable solutions where we can. Including your motorbike rental, taxi or transfer, we are glad to hook you up with trusted businesses we have had great experience with.


*Can I have visitors during my stay?

Visitors are welcome but not overnight. ASALANTA is situated in a local village where people usually wake before dawn. We like to respect their lifestyle and keep noise to a minimum after 10 at night. Please also keep that in mind whenever you are passing through the village at night.



*Do I need a visa for Thailand?

Thailand gives a 1 month visa for most nationalities, on arrival by plain. When crossing the border by land coming from a neighboring country you will get a 14 day stay. Advisable is to apply for a visa at a Thai embassy in your home country, if you are already in Asia you can apply at an embassy in surrounding countries. You can obtain a single or a multiple entry tourist visa, each entry gives you 2 months when you cross the border into the kingdom and can be extended with a 3rd month at any immigration office within the country. Beware- the embassies in Asia mostly only issue single entry visas. Rules and regulations change frequently, find up to date information on www.thaivisa.com.