Sustainable Mission

Asalanta - Asian Sustainability Academy

Our Mission:

To educate and inspire people towards sustainable solutions in a natural sanctuary. We strive to show how local actions can shift corporate and global impacts. Ultimately, we want to share new beneficial eco-friendly solutions for people and the planet.

How Do We Put Our Mission Into Action?

We believe knowledge is the key to set forth positive changes the world and humanity desperately need.

Our Main Goal:

To provide in-depth workshops and classes that cover sustainability from planting to creating. In other words, we want to educate people on planting, harvesting, collecting, treating, designing, and building eco-friendly structures. We aim to throughly teach these vital steps so our comminity can apply sustainable living skills at home.

By ourselves, we may feel daunted and overwhelmed by the challenges we face. Yet at Asalanta, we will work together to solve these problems by sharing our skills, connecting with nature, and being present in every moment.