The Eco Lifestyle

Asalanta's Eco Lifestyle - Green Living Blended With Thai Culture

Your stay at Asalanta will be truely different than the beaten path - it will be full of outdoor adventures, healing, and learning. We believe in mother nature's amazing restorative and energizing properties, which is why we encourage you to live outdoors, take jungle strolls, breathe fresh air, and digitally disconnect. Thai culture is vibrant and we want you to deepen your understanding of the community during your stay - live in traditional huts, cook with a Thai kitchen, and dress in Thai outfits. Ultimately, we hope to inspire you to go green, appreciate Thai culture, and live a more sustainable, healthy lifestyle back home.

What You Will Experience Staying in Asalanta's Eco-friendly Lodging

  • Go Back to Basics: Live in a Thai bamboo huts and use open-air western style restrooms.
  • Live like a local: Buy fresh ingredients from local markets, cook with your outdoor Thai kitchen, and dress in traditional Thai outfits.
  • Connect with Nature: Stay in a gigantic bamboo forest nestled by a mountain stream.
Asalanta Eco-Friendly Sustainable Eco Lifestyle Koh Lanta
Asalanta Eco-Friendly Sustainable Eco Lifestyle Koh Lanta
Asalanta Eco-Friendly Sustainable Eco Lifestyle Koh Lanta

What to Expect While Staying at Asalanta's Eco-friendly Lodgings

Though you will be living traditionally and sustainably in the jungle at Asalanta we offer basic amenities such as running water, drinking water, western toilets, cold showers, electricty, wifi, fans, bedding, towels, bug nets, and locks to your rooms.

How to Make the Most of Your Eco Life Experience:

  • Make Sure to Bring:
    • Lots of bug spray
    • Long clothing for bug & sun protection
    • Sunscreen
    • Umbrella
    • Small Flashlight
  • We Suggest You:
Asalanta Eco-Friendly Sustainable Eco Lifestyle Koh Lanta

Located in the lush rainforest on laid back Koh Lanta, the Asalanta Eco Lifestyle, is based in the heart of nature. Join us amongst the towering bamboo, serene streams, and chirping cicadas to replenish your soul and revitalise your mind.

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